About Us

Our purpose is to help men all over the world enjoy their fantasies with the helping hand of the world’s very first robotic male pleasure device.

Like many inventions’ origins, we wanted something, imagined it, searched for it, but could not find it — so we made it. As they say, “necessity is the mother of invention”, but in this case, it was desire rather than necessity. 

After trying many disappointing devices on the market, we started making our own. After many attempts, we designed the current machine, and the first time we used it we knew right away we had something great! Something we had only dreamed about was now at work on our laps, and so we kept fine-tuning it to be exactly what we wanted. It worked so well that we had to share it with the world! 

This is the origin of the RUBJOY — designed by regular guys who REALLY wanted a machine like no other. A device that was able to do what no other device on the market could do. The number one design priority of the RUBJOY was how it felt on a penis. There is nothing like the RUBJOY — if there was, we would not have needed to invent it.

Our design

RUBJOY is a combination of advanced robotics and wild fantasies. Two powerful, metal-geared, digital servo motor-powered arms do all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy as sensations of ultimate pleasure flow through you. Unlike the manual and semi-automated sex toys of today, RUBJOY is a robot.

Why choose RUBJOY

RUBJOY is the result of high-quality materials coming together to form the  best male robotic pleasure device in the world.

RUBJOY stands above the other male sex toys that you will find in the market these days. It’s an actual robotic device that can learn one or more moves that you teach it. RUBJOY will repeat these moves in the exact same manner and continue to do so over and over and over again until you can’t take it anymore.

The thought of controlling a robotic pleasuring device may sound intimidating, however, we have designed an easy-to-use app that controls this no-nonsense tool to help you enjoy the best time of your day.

While we do not expect anyone to have a problem, it is possible. We do have the ability to repair devices, but that would need to be quoted before you send it back to us. Please email [email protected]

Feel free, move free

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, that’s the feeling we want to capture when we design our products.